Seasonal Course


Non-degree Chinese Learning
  The Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) program at National Chiayi University is designed to help you communicate in Mandarin as rapidly as possible. Our program allows students to immerse in real life experiences that foster utilization and development of Mandarin communication skills through authentic daily practices and activities. Our courses integrate all aspects of language skills needed for effective communication in Taiwan. In our interactive classrooms, the instruction focuses more on meaning and content of Mandarin than pronunciation drills and grammar, which enables learners quickly acquire the native accent and correct sentence structures by using Mandarin in a local authentic context. From day one, our learners begin working on improving their conversational skills.
  Besides learning in class, one distinctive highlight of our CSL program is the quarterly cultural field trip. To provide more opportunities for international friends to know about Chiayi, a small historic town, and about Taiwan, we take students to visit different places in Taiwan and learn various local heritages and cultures. Come join us and make your Mandarin Chinese learning colorful and fruitful!

Features of CSL program
# Wide range of Mandarin language course and study packages
# Qualified and experienced native Taiwanese teachers
# All levels from beginner to advance with quick test before/after lesson
# Great emphasis on interaction in class
# Built-in cultural classes and seasonal field trips
# Located in central Chiayi city with convenient transportation
# Low cost-of living expenses
# Authentic Taiwanese life experience
# Dormitory available