2016 Fieldtrip April (close)

Field trip to nán tóu and yú chí

Date: 2016/ 04/ 23 Sat.

Price: free / per person ( 6 hours field trip)


Time Activity
8:00XinMingMeet at the XinMing/ Lantan campus main gate
10:00~11:30CheCheng train station
12:00~13:00Lunch Time
13:10~15:30Make & enjoy black tea in HUGO ASSAM TEA FARM
15:30~16:00Liao Mayor Black Tea
16:00~18:00Go home

2016 Fieldtrip January (close)

Field trip to Pǔ lǐ and wù fēng

Date: 2016/ 01/ 09 Sat.

Price: free / per person ( 6 hours field trip)


08:00 XinmingMeet at Xinming campus (front gate)
10:00~11:30Mushrooms Farm
11:30~12:30Lunch time(Mushrooms Hotpot)
13:30~15:00Wufeng Lin Family Old House
15:15~16:00Wufeng-Taiwan Sake
16:00~18:00Go home

2015 Fieldtrip October (close)

Field trip to Tái zhōng - jiǔ tiān

Date: 2015/ 10/ 18 Sat.

Price: free / per person ( 6 hours field trip)


08:10 XinmingMeet at LanTan, Xinming campus (front gate)
08:25 LanTan
11:30~12:30Lunch time
12:30~14:00Chinese Mask
14:30~15:30Ma-Tzu Temple and street snacks
15:30~17:20Go home

2013 Fieldtrip October (close)

Field trip to ā lǐ shān - dá bāng tribe

Date: 2013/ 10/ 26 Sat.

Price: NT$ 750 / per person ( 6 hours field trip)


07:30 MinXiongMeet at LanTan, Xinming or MingXiong campus (front gate)
07:50 XinMing
08:10 LanTan
08:10~10:00Enjoy the nature beauty on the way to Dá bāng Tribe
10:00~12:10Shēngmìng dòu jì guānlǐ
12:00~13:30Lunch time (Authentic Zou’s food )
13:30~14:20Gǔdào xúnlǐ huò sēnlín mànbù
14:20~15:20DIY Hūnlǐ huódòng tǐyàn & Shǒugōng DIY
15:20~17:10Kuàilè huí jiāBack to School

2013 Fieldtrip June (close)

Field Trip To Chuánzăitóu

Date: 2013/ 06/ 22 Sat.

Price: NT$ 880 / per person ( 2hrs Chinese class + 8hrs field trip)


9:00 LanTanMeet at LanTan and Xinmin campus (front gate)
9:30 XinMing
09:50~10:30Row the dragon boat
10:30~11:10Visit Chuánzăitóu by bicycle
11:10~12:00Pick produce from the farm
12:00~13:30Lunch time
13:30~14:00Visit the peanut factory
14:30~16:00Visit the sugarcane cultural park
16:00Go home

2013 Fieldtrip April (close)

Field Trip To Miáolì

Date: 2013/ 04/ 27 Sat.

Price: NT$ 1,440 / per person ( 2hrs Chinese class + 8hrs field trip)


  • image1

    zhuó yě xiăo wū

  • image2

    DIY tie dying

  • image1

    The Hakka Tung Blossom Festival

  • image1

    4 Hakka dessert

7:30 LanTanMeet at LanTan, Xinming or MingXiong campus (front gate)
7:40 XinMing
8:00 MinXiong
09:30~12:00DIY 4 Hakka dessert
12:00~13:00Lunch Time-Hakka meal
13:30~16:30DIY tie dying at zhuó yě xiăo wū
The Hakka Tung Blossom Festival
16:30Go home!

2008- 2012


Nantou which is famous for its tea garden and bamboo locates in the central of Taiwan. This trip started from the introduction of the process of tea-making. A further experiencing of the tea-making and admiring of tea were made for students appreciating the specificity of tea culture in Taiwan. With the doing of work sheet for this educational fieldtrip, students were encouraged to communicate with the Chinese native speakers for exchanging the information and knowing more about the tea culture.


For the foreign students to understand and appreciate the unique aboriginal cultures in Taiwan. For the Chinese class for foreign students, we hold a trip to Alishan to visit the heritage park of the Tsou, one of the aboriginal tribes in Taiwan. We will see the dances and singing of the aboriginals and get to know the customs and culture through the professional tour guide.

Another purpose of this trip is to show the beauty of the forest in Taiwan. The students can get to know the unique natural environment and learn the target vocabulary and sentence patterns in Chinese while appreciating the sea of clouds, the sunset at dusk, breathtaking forest, and the sharp-jaw barbel in the crystal-clear river in Tanayiku Valley. 


Meinong has around 90% of Hakka residents. The main purpose of this curriculum is to let learners of this lesson to understand traditional Hakka culture, to admire its art's beauty, and to understand the integration of Taiwan's diverse culture. Hand-made oilpaper umbrella is the most representative art of Meinong, its rigid and ethereal structure and beautiful colored pattern are the reasons of being popular. Through practical hand making oilpaper umbrellas, students can practice asking question in Chinese and improve their Chinese speaking ability, and can also used the words and sentence patterns flexibly.


Buildings on the Lukang old street have characteristics of traditional south Fukien style, and has became a good place for local artists to show their artistic creation. Students can learn the characteristics of traditional Fukien style buildings, people's life at that time, and can also learn more related Chinese vocabularies and sentence patterns by visiting the old street. Students can at the same time see the special social-cultural and artistic values in the old street.


Tainan is famous for its historic monuments, famous architectures includes the The Oldest Golden City, the Confucius Temple, the Provintia, and the Anping Fort. This Chinese programme can let students experience Tainan's local culture by visiting Tainan. Tour guide will also be hired to introduce characteristics of the buildings and culture. Students can acquire related vocabularies and sentence patterns, and can at the same time practice through interacting with the tour guide.