The Division of Chinese as a Second Language (the CSL Division) is one of the three divisions of the National Chiayi University Language Center. We were founded in the Fall Semester, 2006. We offer classes for those who are interested in learning Chinese. We have excellent teachers who are enthusiastic about teaching and more than willing to help students improve their Chinese. We have the friendliest assistant who is always pleasant and always ready to help students. Chiayi is a city with a long history.

You can find many historic sites in this city. Chiayi is in a beautiful neighbor. Mt. Ali is a two-hour drive away from Chiayi city. The mountain train to Mt. Ali is a very popular tourist attraction. National Mt. Ali Park has breath-taking views. There are many other beautiful places in and around Chiayi. Want to learn Chinese? Come to National Chiayi University! Take advantage of our excellent Chinese classes and also enjoy cultural abundance and the beautiful scenery in Chiayi!